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A nice, soft, fluffy & snugly microfibre that is super absorbent. 

175cm wide
320 gsm
80% polyester and 20% polyamide. 
Colour: White 

Microfibre is a highly absorbent fabric - however as a lot of it is made for is cleaning properties, rather than absorbent properties, product in the market place will range in absorbency from 3mils up to 9 mils per gram in absorbency. Bamboo is consistent at 5.5 mils per gram of absorbency.

Most Microfibre off the shelf only absorbs 3.5 mils per gram and is not as absorbent as an off the shelf Bamboo - that is why it is critical in nappies that you buy a reputable microfibre from someone who is milling it for nappy use. 

Not all microfibre is the same, and why you should buy from a supplier like Greenbeans who make to a high spec for its main purpose to absorb moisture.

It makes awesome pocket inserts, and because it is so lightweight it dries incredibly fast, even when you have several layers sewn together. 

If you have a heavy wetter, try microfibre & bamboo as an ideal overnight combo - the microfiber works like a sponge to soak up fast, the bamboo soaks up more slowly but locks moisture away. Together they're ideal for overnight or long car trips etc.

Does not need to be prewashed before sewing, will not shrink.

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