1kg Bamboo Odds & Ends

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1kg Bamboo Odds & Ends
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250gsm Bamboo has roughly 2.25 mts per kg
340gsm Bamboo has roughly 2 mts per kg
400gsm Bamboo has roughly 1.4 mts per kg

Odds and ends are items of fabric that have been selected out as being unsuitable to being sold as normal pieces without disclosure of their flaw.

Odds and ends are a majority of 1/2m or 1m pieces cut out during normal cutting, as it is easier for us to cut 1/2m or 1m as it sits on our bench and put into odds and ends when we find a single flaw. There are occasionally times where a flaw extends into more than 1mts of fabric, and it creates bigger pieces.

There are start and end of roll pieces, which is often a bit messy and are varying sizes

Odds and ends are full and final. They cannot be returned. They are priced to clear. If you are looking for a specific size, you shouldn't buy odds and ends.


Natural, unbleached, off white colour.

As we do not bleach or dye our bamboo fabric, some flecks and lines are a natural part of the colouring and are to be expected

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton for durability.

Bamboo/Hemp is 80% bamboo, 20% hemp

Width: (+/-5cm)
Fleece & French Terry: 185 cm wide excluding 340gsm
340gsm Fleece & French Terry: 155cm wide
Velour & Jersey: 155cm wide
Bamboo/Hemp Fleece & French Terry: 148cm wide


Fabric Types:
Bamboo Fleece: Soft & fluffy on one side, smooth on the other. The same as French Terry but the loopy side has been fluffed up by a machine. Fleece & French Terry are the most popular and generally most effective for absorbent layers.

Bamboo French Terry: Flat loop"terry" surface on one side and smooth on the other. Slightly more absorbent than fleece. Fleece & French Terry are the most popular and generally best for absorbent layers.

Bamboo Jersey: Bamboo Jersey is thinner than Bamboo French Terry or Bamboo Fleece. It has the same antimicrobial properties and is a strong, absorbent and eco-friendly choice for nappy making. Also good to make shirts and other garments out of.

Bamboo Velour: Velour is a velvety pile fabric that you can use anywhere in baby's nappy - plush and soft right next to their skin, it has absorbency without bulk to use for an entire fitted nappy. It also makes divinely soft wipes, clothing and snuggly blankets.

Care instructions: 
Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Natural fabrics shrink initially, so prewash with hot prior to sewing. Can be washed and dried on hot/warm/cold.

You need to pre-wash in a hot wash to pre-shrink before use, you do not lose absorbency due to shrinkage, it is just the area of fabric shrinks which results in a thicker fabric to you cut and sew. Our recommendation for best results is washing twice in hot, with a hot tumble dry 

In most knit fabrics during normal pre-washing, you get 16-20% shrinkage in your length & 3-6% in your width - giving an overall average shrinkage of 20%