Snap Pliers

NOTE: We do not ship any order to a customer containing Snap Pliers without a phone conversation taking place first. You may choose to call us immediately after you have placed your order, to get this formality out of the way.

For Legal reasons: We supply Snap Pliers as an ornament or something with which to fill your rubbish bin only. Nothing should be assumed or implied that we suggest they should be used to apply a single snap - as we don't. 

Lightweight disposable pliers produced for that person who just wants to fix a snap or two in a single garment and then throw them away. They are not made to be used all the time.

Designed to be a cheap and nasty solution for someone to apply a snap or two temporarily and then throw them away. Snap Pliers is not a tool designed to last long, nor does it apply a snap to the same level of quality as a DK-93 or DK-98 press machine.

At Greenbeans we only stock Snap Pliers to get the opportunity to inform people that they are not an option they should consider when it comes to applying single prong Kam Snaps. In our opinion and experience they are a pile of crap that 97% of people upon buying them – feel ripped off upon getting them. 

We don’t wish to give any impressions pliers do anything other than look interesting on your fire place mantel or to fill your rubbish bin with. No warranty should be expressed or implied. They are sold as is, where is – and we simply don’t encourage anyone to use or buy them.

Negatives about Snap Pliers:

1- Snap Pliers are a disposable tool to apply one or two snaps and throw away. They can break after as few as on your sixth snap with the die sets made from the same grade plastic as the snaps themselves. And if they don’t literally break on you – they wear out rapidly that well before your 100th snap – they simply cease applying snaps that you can use.

2- Snap Pliers do not apply snaps to the same quality standards as a DK-93 does. The precision required to properly attach them is significant that in the manufacture of a DK-93 – a lot of automotive engineering goes into getting all the holes to align. Why does this matter? It matters because when snaps are applied with a force that is micro millemeters off – not only do they simply risk not snapping together – the snap falls out of the garment.

Snaps applied with pliers tend to fall out of garments after 6-18 months of being in the garment and become a choking hazard. Pliers simply should NEVER be used to apply snaps in garments that are sold, as to do so would be making garments that breach safty standards for small parts that could choke someone.

On the other hand, it is rare for a snap applied with a DK-93 to fall out and most will be going strong in 10 plus years.

3- Snap Pliers require exceptional strength to apply – Gym Bunny Strength. To apply a snap with snap pliers, both the thin handles of the pliers need to be forced together and touch – and need to be done so with an extreme and sudden force to have some momentum.

In essence, you need to be able to press the finger tips into the palm of your hand with a force of 10kg or more.

We find most of our customers over 40 years of age, simply lack the physical ability to use pliers.

If you have medical history or lack of strength grip in your hands – you simply will not be able to use pliers. 

You may see or read people talking about cutting the prong of the snap to be shorter to reduce the physical requirements of using pliers to apply snaps – and it shouldn’t take most that long to work out doing so is not delivering the best finished results.

4- Pliers depreciate 100% the day you buy them. No one should take the risk in buying second hand pliers, as they simply may never work. However in buying a DK-93 press – you are making an well worthwhile investment. Most people who buy a DK-93 press with die – end up being able to sell it – if they choose to sell it – for 80% or more of what they purchased it for. Being able to get 100% is quite common.

Each set come with plastic die sets for T3 (Size 16), T5 (Size 20), & T8 Snaps

Snap Pliers cannot be used to apply Long Prong Snaps, Clear Snaps, or Hearts & Stars.

Buying a DK-93 machine & metal die sets to suit is a well worthwhile investment. 99% of people who buy pliers, will end up buying a DK-93 machine within 2-6 months as they get frustrated with the many issues with pliers

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