DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Screw in Die Sets

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DK-93 - Size 16 & 14 Die Set
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DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Screw in Die Sets

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If you are confused or do not know where to start with snaps, please read below. It is full of information about all you need to know to make your snaps order a more informed and pleasant experience.

This Heavy Duty Commercial Snap Press is the best place to start when looking to use snaps. It is made by KAM. You need a press along with a matching sized die set to apply snaps.

We find this model more popular and recommend over all other manual press machines because the function of having to screw in the die set is basic & simple and far easier than having to have tools handy every time you want to change between socket & stud die sets when applying snaps.

To attach size 20 snaps, to your nappies for example, you need:

1. A snap press

2. A size 20 die set

3. Size 20 snaps

A snap awl or the 1.6mm awl die set are highly recommended tools, to create the hole in your garment to put the prong of the cap through. Doing so, rather than relying on the snap to self-punch, puts less stress on the snap and results in a more professional finish and a securely applied snap with minimal risk of failure

Directions for assembly and use: see the videos at the bottom of this page

DK-93 vs. DK-98
The two main hand press machines KAM supply is the DK-93 & DK-98. For most, the DK-93 is all they need, and an overall more ergonomic machine to use, however for a few, be because it is what they are use to using, wanting to interchange die sets with a DK-95 press, or what they are accustom to in borrowing machines, buy a DK-98 machine – and why we offer both solutions.

A DK-93 press is 5kg in steel, vrs the 9kg for a DK-98 machine, and is the key main reason of the price difference between the two. It does not mean one will be better, or last longer than the other.

The key difference is the DK-93 is more ergonomic machine to use, allowing you with ease to put pressure downwards, as a DK-98 with its curved handle, if not bolted down – will slide across the surface of your bench/table and most find this very frustrating. A DK-98 is ideal/better unit for a bench mounted/bolted down application.

A number of people find a DK-98 more of a hassle in having to have a tool to change the die set over, and find the screw in die set easier with the DK-93 where it simply screws in and works.

Listed above is both the press machine, along with the matching threaded die sets for size 20, 16 & 14 sized snaps for this snap press. Parts are priced/sold separately, so people can buy the die sets with the press if they so desire. Likewise, if find you need a die set later, or the kids decide to flush your die set or use it as a makeshift sinker – you can always come back to this page and just order a die set on its own.

Most people will and is our recommendation to buy a size 20 die set at the same time you buy this press, purchasing a sized 16 or 14 die set is optional if you feel you will be using those sized snaps. In short: You use different sized Die Sets in your press to attach different sized Snaps & the majority use size 20 snaps.


Size 20 Die Set

A size 20 die set is the basic die set to apply standard conventional round Kam size 20 snaps. This is a 3-piece die set with a stud die, a socket die and a cap die.


Combined Size 16 & 14 Die Set

We have elected for the convenience factor to combine the size 16 & 14 die sets as one set. The Studs & Sockets are the same in both size 16 & 14 snaps - it is only the cap dies that are different, so the new combined die is a 4 part die set - Stud Die - Socket Die - Size 16 Cap Die - Size 14 Cap Die.


Stud with prong Size 20 Die Set

Stud with prong die sets require a standard size 20 die set as well as to apply stud with prongs. Stud with prongs are a unique and rare snap that few people need or use, and are used to snap together 3 or more layers of fabric, with the stud with prongs going in the middle layers of the fabric allowing multiple layers to be snapped together. They are rare, so one shouldn't worry about them, and are an add on die accessory to a standard die set - they are not an alternative to.

Size 20 Cap Die ONLY

The cap die on its own is for people who have lost theirs, or who desire it in addition to a full size 20 die set to use in a second press ( e.g. stud die and cap die in one, socket die and additional cap die in the other).  It is to be used in addition to a standard size 20 die set, or as a replacement if the cap die from this has been lost. 


Stud die or socket die only:  We do not sell these individually, if you have lost or worn out these then you should pruchase a full new die set



You can find the die sets for applying other items, such as metal snaps, eyelets and rivets, in their respective categories



Please note, these presses are produced intended for industrial use, so the focus is on function rather than a pretty finish. It's recommended that you give it a wipe over before letting your precious fabrics near it as they may have grease or other residue on them. They are brand new and direct from the factory - we could clean and beautify each one before sending, but then you wouldn't be getting them at this awesome low price.