If you are in New Zealand, the preferred payment option is via direct deposit into our bank account.

You can do this via phone or internet banking, or by walking into your nearest BNZ branch.

Direct Deposit:
Zelfast Limited Ltd
BNZ Mt. Maunganui

If you are in Australia the preferred payment option is via Direct Deposit into our Commonwealth Bank Account.

BSB: 06 4145
Number: 1025 3294
Name: H M Russ
Orders can also be paid with paypal, please select paypal as the option as you go through checkout - more information on Paypal is above.

Are you aware that if you are in Australia, you can also order through for dispatch from our Brisbane warehouse? Orders placed through the GBAU website have different accounts to pay into, payment details for orders placed through GreenBeans Australia are on the GBAU site. If you prefer for whatever reason to order through this website, that's fine! Please use the bank account above for your deposit, or to the paypal account linked to the checkout of this website.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - PayPal is the ONLY payment option for customers from any country other than New Zealand or Australia.