Early Days of GreenBeans

There is a photo history of GreenBeans here on our blog - it shows all our stock stored in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom when Sarah first started out, and all the steps since then!

Our first baby became The Bean when Sarah was about 8 weeks pregnant and the pictures in the pregnancy books of an 8wk fetus looked just like a bean. The nickname lasted the rest of the pregnancy, and beyond.

We originally used cloth nappies for environmental reasons, but as you know, modern cloth nappies are so funky and fun that the environmental benefits rapidly became a happy bonus, and the true addiction to cloth flourished. And so The Bean became a "Green" Bean.

In 2004 when Sarah got to the inevitable stage where you want to try your hand at making a nappy yourself she was surprised that she couldn't find any specialist nappy making fabric or accessories anywhere in NZ. So we started bringing out fabrics for the NZ WAHMs, and mums like her who just wanted to have a play. Volume and variety grew, and so GreenBeans was born!

As our family business grows and changes, the goal remains the same; to provide a valuable service to all cloth mamas out there, whether making one nappy for their own child, or running their own business selling thousands of nappies. Whatever the scale of your need, our family owned and operated business will continue to be here to support and assist you in doing your bit for all our childrens' health, comfort, and planet!

GreenBeans Australia Pty Ltd: We were shipping ever increasing numbers of orders from NZ to Australia for several years, but struggled keeping up with inventory levels in New Zealand let alone expanding. We made changes to our website in NZ to make it easier for international customers, and Australian orders grew even further.

In early 2009, we finally made the big decision to open a distribution warehouse situated in Brisbane, which has been up and running from 1 August 2009.

What Makes Us Different:

At Greenbeans, we strive to source and onsell the best quality, best suited, and comprehensive range of products to make Modern Cloth Nappies. We have the majority of our products produced specifically for us, and have a lot of demands that ensure the quality of the product is kept to the highest standard.

We don't have some other brand of nappies that we sell as well, we are not your competitor & we aim to have no business that competes with you in finished garments.

We are continually working towards having a good range of top quality materials that perform the best and last the longest, that are made to our own specifications through our ongoing research of products.

We aim to ship the same day that your payment shows, and pride ourselves on speedy and efficient service - in both dispatch and customer service.

Our current pricing policy is one to keep the price as low as we can afford to go and still survive, thereby helping us to gain as much volume as possible, so we have a higher stock turn over and greater buying power when we buy fabrics.

Thanks for visiting Greenbeans NZ! We appreciate your support, and welcome your feedback. :)