1kg Microfleece Odds & Ends

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1kg MICROFLEECE Odds & Ends
Microfleece odds and ends

1kg increments per colour; order as many kg as you want.

1 kg =
approx 4m worth 150gsm
approx 3m worth 180gsm.
Note that ordering 3kg+ gives a higher chance of receiving bigger pieces as we have much more flexibility with what pieces we can send you
Odds & Ends are a mix of 1/2m or larger pieces with marks, holes, seams or runs, with the occasional slightly shorter start or end of roll piece. If ordering only 1kg, expect to receive only 1/2m pieces, anything bigger is a bonus

Odds and ends are clearance items - they are full and final - with no refunds given in any circumstances. They are discounted well below cost to clear.
If your nominated colours/product are not available, we reserve the right to substitute with alternatives that we have of equal value.
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Measurement 1 metre