Bamboo/Hemp Fabric

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Bamboo/Hemp Fabric
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20% Hemp, 80% Bamboo
Width approx 155cm

Available in 3 weights: 250gsm, 340gsm and 430gsm, and 2 finishes: Fleece and French Terry

Bamboo/Hemp blend is perfect for cloth nappies as hemp has four times the durability and absorption of cotton, so you can have a super absorbant nappy, without the bulk. Hemp also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it ideal for nappies.

Not only does it make a great nappy, but it's an environmentally kind choice too - the growth of hemp has less impact on our environment, requires less water to grow than cotton, requires less labor, and hemp can be reproduced much faster than cotton.

Bamboo/Hemp Fleece has been brushed, so it's lovely and soft and fleecy. One side is smooth and the other has a fleecy look and feel.

Bamboo/Hemp French Terry has a smooth knit side, and a 'flat loop' side. French terry is NOT the same as terry towelling

Care instructions: Hemp shrinks a lot on the first wash, up to 20%. It is advised to wash and dry several times prior to using in nappies (preferably on a hot wash) to remove natural oils in the fabric which are said to hinder it reaching its full absorbtion potential until they are washed out - see the FAQ section for info on prewashing & shrinkage. After initial prewashing & shrinkage, can be hot or cold washed, & is ok for the drier. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.