Fischer Plastics 18 Compartment Storage Box

Fischer Plastics 18 Compartment Storage Box
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No more mixed up snaps for you - store them in these handy boxes and not only do they look deliciously pretty, they also stack up neatly and stay organised. Your children can tip them upside down to their hearts content, when the lid is closed the individual compartments will not mix together .

Fischer Plastics are 100% Australian owned, operated, and manufacture all their products in Australia.


These 18 compartment boxes are ideal to store the individual parts of 6 colours of snaps. The compartments are 3 deep by 6 wide.

Box dimensions approx 30 x 21 x 5cm


At Greenbeans we have used these exact boxes to store our sample snaps from the very beginning, and they have lasted perfectly and done the job brilliantly. Also check out our Snap Package deals to get these shipped out to you with snaps inside to conserve on postage costs.

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