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Organic NZ Tea Tree Oil

Organically grown (certified pure organic) wild tea tree (Manuka and Kanuka) leaves are hand harvested in New Zealand's Coromandel Mountains to produce 100% pure Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil Soap. The New Zealand Coromandel Mountains Tea Tree Oil Company pioneered the method for extracting oil from native Manuka and Kanuka tree leaves. Extracting oil from the leaves at low temperatures to retain the oil value is one of the most important principles in producing high quality Tea Tree Oil.


The New Zealand tea tree plant and oil is commonly confused with the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia plant which is sometimes called 'tea tree', but this Australian plant is completely different and is grown commercially in man-made plantations, whereas N.Z. Tea Tree Oil is unique to New Zealand and grows in the wild. There is NO substitute for it's purity or quality.

Tea Tree oil is great for so many different antibacterial uses, it's definately an essential in our house! 

A couple of drops in the washing machine with your load of nappies will kill bugs and leave your nappies smelling fresh. (It also works wonders on other 'stinky' items of clothing.) 

It's also great to keep in the first aid kit.


Two sizes:

Tea Tree Oil 10ml

Tea Tree Oil 20ml


International customers please note: we cannot ship this product outside of New Zealand