12mm Zelor Ring Snaps

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DK-93 - Manual Snap Press
Zelor Die Set - DK-93 - 12mm Ring Snaps
12mm - 100 Full Sets - Zelor Ring Snaps - Silver
Zelor Ring Snaps, Die Sets and Snap Presses
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12mm Zelor Ring Snaps

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If you want quality in metal snaps - look no further.

In this one listing you will find everything you require to attach 12mm Zelor Ring Snaps: the press machine, die sets, and the snaps themselves


SNAP PRESS & 12mm Zelor DIE SETS are required to attach these snaps. You cannot use a hammer, nor can you use other die sets 


The 12mm Zelor Ring Snap die set consist of two pieces: a bottom part that holds the rings, and the top screw-in part that applies both the sockets and the studs.