9.5mm Zelor Cap Snaps

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Zelor Die Set - DK-93 - 9.5mm Cap Die
Zelor Die Set - DK-93 - 9.5mm Ring Snaps
9.5mm - 60 Full Sets - Zelor Cap Snaps - Silver
9.5mm - 50 Full Sets - Zelor Cap Snaps - White
9.5mm - 50 Full Sets - Zelor Cap Snaps - Black
9.5mm - 50 Full Sets - Zelor Cap Snaps - Gun Metal
Zelor Cap Snaps and Die Sets
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9.5mm Zelor Cap Snaps

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If you want quality in metal snaps - look no further.

In this one listing you will find 9.5mm Zelor Cap Snaps and the additional Cap Die


SNAP PRESS & 9.5mm Zelor DIE SETS are required to attach these snaps. You cannot use a hammer, nor can you use other die sets 

These Zelor Cap Snaps will require the Zelor Ring Snap die set, as well as the Cap Die contained here - the Cap Die is additional, and is the bottom piece for the Caps only - you still need the stud and socket die from the Zelor Ring Snap Die Set



Many people will use the Cap Snap on the visible part of the garment only, and use a Ring Snap on the opposite side, to conserve the caps.

You can mix and match all of the products up within the 9.5mm Zelor range. The stud and the sockets are the same for the ring snaps as well as for the cap and pearl snaps - so if you want to conserve your Cap Snaps, and get Ring Snaps to go on the inside - you can. Given the studs and sockets are the same - your ability to mix and match to suit gives endless options in the Zelor range


The Pearl and Cap range require their own bottom die, these were included with the 5-piece Zelor Snap die sets, or can be found with the pearl and cap snaps listings, if you do not already have these.