DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Hole Cutting Die Sets

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DK-93 - Manual Snap Press
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 2mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 3mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 4mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 6mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 8mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 10mm (2023)
DK-93 - Hole Die Set - 12mm (2023)






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DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Hole Cutting Die Sets

Hole cutting die sets cut a perfect round hole in your garment - great for applying rivets, snaps, grommets, buckles...


These die sets will cut perfectly through all textiles - 5mm leather - 100 layers of paper - whatever textile or paper product you put it to work on - it will cut through it and do the job.
The wait for the best hole cutting die set on the market and one that fits your DK-93 is over
We have them in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, & 12mm diameter 
These die sets come in a custom foam case to keep the cutting edges sharp and stored professionally. Improper storage and dropping or otherwise mishandling the dies will blunt the cutting edge and cause them to become less effective or stop them cutting entirely. 
Please handle with care and always store them in their case to protect them from physical or environmental damage
The edges are knife-sharp, store out of reach of children

You need a DK-93 Press along with your hole cutting die sets.

If you do not already have it, then this Heavy Duty Commercial Snap Press is the best place to start. It is made by KAM.


You can use this press to apply rivets, metal snaps, KAM snaps and more... You simply require the matching die set for those items

You can find the die sets for applying other items, such as metal snaps, KAM Snaps and rivets, in their respective categories


Directions for assembly: see the video at the bottom of this page


Please note, these presses are produced intended for industrial use, so the focus is on function rather than a pretty finish. It's recommended that you give it a wipe over before letting your precious fabrics near it as they may have grease or other residue on them. They are brand new and direct from the factory - we could clean and beautify each one before sending, but then you wouldn't be getting them at this awesome low price.