Grommets and Eyelets

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Grommets and Eyelets
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Silver Metal Grommets and die sets for snap press
4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm options - sizing is of the internal hole.


Our Grommets require our die set to apply - this is a 4-piece set - first pair is to first punch a hole, then the second set is to apply the grommet themselves. Die sets are required per size, so 10mm die set is required for 10mm grommets, 6mm die set is required for 6mm grommets etc etc.

All grommet die sets now contain our new generation of hole cutting dies - These die sets will cut perfectly through all textiles - 5mm leather - 100 layers of paper - whatever textile or paper product you put it to work on


Nickel-free, and come in sets of 250 per packet.

Die Sets don't include grommets, you need to buy both a die set as well as at least one packet of matching grommets to get started.


To add the GROMMET DIE SETS for each / any size grommets you are purchasing to your cart:  Select the appropriate material from "fabric type", then size from "size", then select "DK-93 Die Set" or "DK-98 die set" (depending on your press type) from "quantity"