Grommets and Eyelets

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Grommets and Eyelets
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Silver Metal Grommets and die sets for snap press
4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm options - sizing is of the internal hole

Grommets require a die set to apply - this is a 4-piece set to first punch a hole, then apply the grommet.

Nickel-free, and come in sets of 100 or 250 depending on size.


To add the GROMMET DIE SETS for each / any size grommets you are purchasing to your cart:  Select the appropriate material from "fabric type", then size from "size", then select "DK-93 Die Set" or "DK-98 die set" (depending on your press type) from "quantity"


The hole cutting die sets currently supplied do not deliver the best results. To make them work in most cases, the top die set needs to be unscrewed slightly and left loose and floppy in the top - with a firm jerk motion on the press handle. Even then with some fabrics like leather or vinyl - they will only cut half a hole if a hole at all. We continue to try to find a better hole die set solution. Cutting hole issues are more pronounced in the larger sizes, so where you don't have any issue in 4 or 6mm products, in the 10 or 12mm options you struggle to make an indent in the textile you are trying to cut a hole in.