DK-95 - Semi-Automatic Snap Press

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DK-95 - Semi-Automatic Snap Press
DK-98 - Size 20 Die Set
Snap Awl
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DK-98 - Size 16 & 14 Die Set
DK-98 - Size 20 - Stud with Prong Die Set
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DK-95 - Semi-Automatic Snap Press

Semi-Automatic, Heavy duty professional snap press. KAM brand

Press uses DK-98 die sets. 

Directions for assembly come with the machine and can also be emailed. Standard 220-240 volt New Zealand/Australia electricity requirements. Comes wired with standard New Zealand/Australian three prong plug. 100% electric operation.

PLEASE NOTE - We do not normally have these units in stock. We normally order these out direct from the manufacturer in China, upon someone ordering one when we are looking to place our next snap shipment.

PRICE IS INDICATIVE ONLY - we price these out on a case by case basis when someone is looking to order, with the exchange rate and how quickly you want one being the two major factors that affect the price. We don’t add any mark up on these, and simply co-op them out for people from KAM for those who want one.

Email if you are interested in purchasing one or have any questions about them.