KAM Long Prong Snaps

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Size 20 - Long Prong - 100 Full Sets - B3 WHITE
Size 20 - Long Prong - 100 Full Sets - B5 BLACK
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KAM Long Prong Snaps

Full Sets with long prong caps, prong 6.2mm long.

The perfect solution for attaching snaps through multiple thick layers of fabric that standard prong snaps are simply not long enough.

At Greenbeans - we find most who come to require long prong snaps - are going through that many layers that the garment will simply never line dry in normal conditions before growing mold. As such we highly advise one to critically access the engineering of their garment before going down the route of using long prongs, while they are a solution - a greater problem of mold being grown during laundering is often a direct result. Maybe using stud with prongs and doing multiple layers may be the better solution.

Currently only available in size 20, B3 White & B5 Black

Uses a normal KAM size 20 die set

Long Prongs simply cannot be used with snap pliers. One of the core issues with pliers is even with the handles pressed together - it isn't enough pressure to squash a standard prong down to properly apply the snap. This issue is exacerbated with Long Prongs which is why Long Prongs simply cannot be applied with Snap Pliers.

Full set consists of 200 long prong size 20 caps, 100 size 20 sockets and 100 size 20 studs. At Greenbeans we believe in making both packets of caps - so all 200 long prong in a packet - and not just half of them long prong as is standard supply with KAM and most other suppliers of snaps. If you also want standard length snaps - you need to order a packet of them in your order as well as.