KAM Stud with Prong Snaps

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Size 20 - Studs with Prong - 100 Full Sets - B3 WHITE
DK-93 - Size 20 - Stud with Prong Die Set
DK-98 - Size 20 - Stud with Prong Die Set
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KAM Stud with Prong Snaps

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* Colour: B3 - White
* Size: 20

100 Full sets contains 100 studs with prongs and 100 sockets


These are a specialty snap that few people will use.  If you are unsure if this is the right item for you, then please CONTACT US to discuss before ordering.

Regular snaps allow you to attach 2 pieces of fabric together. This pronged stud, however, will allow you to attach an infinite number of layers together.

Example - Regular Snap:
1st layer: cap + socket
2nd layer: stud + cap

Example - Double Sided Snap:
1st layer: cap + socket
middle layer: pronged stud + socket
3rd layer: stud + cap 

Currently available only in size 20, B3 white. 

A specific and separate die set is required for this snap for your KAM press, in addition to the standard size 20 die set, which we also have listed here, note and select which press you have so you can select the correct die set you require.

DK93 is often a green press with a screw in die set
DK98 is often a tan press that requires Allen keys to mount your die sets.